[How-To] – Setup Middle LED for OpenVPN Activity


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Here is a Mini Router that is loaded with options and custom configurations this router runs Openwrt with LuCi.

In this guide i am going to show you how to enable the center activity LED and use it to show OpenVPN activity, the led will when your router is connected to a vpn activity IE blink as traffic is passed through the vpn you are connected to, so let’s take a walk through what this little router has to offer.

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Here is a mini router and when i say mini guys this router is small, the dimensions of this router is: front to back 58mm YES! thats right 5cm + 8mm front to back and the same left to right, WOW! that is small honestly go grab yourself a ruler, measuring tape and a pan and paper draw a line 58mm long and make another left to right creating a L shape and look exactly how big that is compared to so many routers out there, also set on it’s base from bottom to top it is 2cm + 5mm that’s 25mm top to bottom and weighs from 39g – 40g WOW!.

Azure MT300

This mini router has so many functionalities it’s unbelievable and so many options some of the guide’s on this site don’t cover 1% of how many functions, customizations, this little device for the money is AMAZING!.

Honestly i could go on and on about this little router i will be doing a guide on some other functions this router has to offer, that’s for other guides let’s finally get to the point of this guide.

Notice in the picture above there are a few different models available MT300N, MT300A, AR300M(D) and AR150, these models use the same size case, looks, but notice the specs are different to each model, RAM, FLASH, CPU, also now has a AR300M(D) with 5GHz and 2.4GHz WIFI options but the AR300 is not for full time router like the others it is mainly a project, development release, also notice it has a faster CPU @650MHz as the others have 580MHz and 400MHz to help the cpu has an effect on openvpn connection speed, the 400MHz should show around 5-8MBs ish, the 580MHz should show around 10-13MBs, and the 650MHZ should show around 15-18MBs also not these speeds are based on the router the choice of vpn provider also helps but the routers openvpn speeds i show around giving are based on max vpn provider speeds that the router can handle, i hope this will give you an idea on what you can expect from these devices when specific requirements are met.

As you might have noticed i really like this mini router it has worked very well for me since setup ( i did mess some settings after setup ) but all it took me was a 2 minute reset and setup again and was back up and running within 2 minutes YES! 2 minutes.

As stated before this mini router has so many option, customization’s and it works very well after setup, once you have the router setup just leave it, Oh one other thing is every now and then your vpn provider will change settings in the configs.zip .ovpn files, IE server addresses change now and then inside the .ovpns that are inside the Configs.zip the whole process takes seconds to purge old uploaded to upload new updated one.

Let’s start the guide and let’s see if we can do it.


What you will need to complete this guide:

  • MT300A mini router this guide is using this model
  • Web Browser Chrome used in this guide
  • Patience

Let’s Start

  • Open your browser
  • In you’re address bar at the top enter: this is default what the router sets when setup by default.
  • I am assuming you have your router setup and wish to just do this LED mod to your router so you can monitor OpenVPN traffic without logging in to the routers web interface.


  • Enter you’re password you setup when you setup you’re router and hit Login.

Advance Settings

  • Now you’re logged in click Advanced Settings top right.

Advanced Settings Login

  • Now in username DEFAULT IS: root
  • Password is the one you used to login in and when you setup your router again and click login again.

System LED

  • Now in the above picture do as shown, Clcick System > LED Configuration.

LED add

  • Now you’re in this section do as shown Select Add DO NOT EDIT the Settings already shown

LED Save

  • Now you should see a section as shown in the red box make all settings the same but you can chose your own name i chose OpenVPN to make it simple and you will know what the option does for you.
  • Now you have made the settings the same in the red box only in yours scroll down and you will see Save & Apply once clicked and applied you will see brief notice the router is applying them and that is it guys you should be all done now and you center LED will show traffic going through your vpn by blinking when traffic passes through your vpn JOB DONE!

I hope this guide helped you out guys and it was as fun for you as for me making this guide ENJOY!!

This post/page may contain affiliate links and we may earn a commission ( At No Cost To You ) when you click and make a purchase using the affiliate links, This will help with costs and maybe buy some beers.


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Updated: April 25, 2017 — 8:33 pm