[How-To] – Prevent DNS LEAKS using a VPN


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Hi guys a lot of people are using a vpn and using the preventing dns leaks in the app on windows this is great as if you’re dns leaks then although you are behind a vpn some people like hackers and isp’s will still be able to see what you are doing ( to a limit ) as your dns actually leaks and you’re isp will see what data is being transferred as you’re isp’s dns is still being used although you are behind a vpn to get internet access you need a dns address, now there is a very simple fix for this and this is by using a free dns service just like google offers a public dns as some of you may have tried to use it before and some of you haven’t.

So you are hear for a reason and i would assume the reason being you want to protect yourself from dns leaks so your isp cannot see what data is being transferred between you and you’re vpn service, Well let take a moment and think about what we have to do.

  • How to change the dns on our system
  • Change the dns server address on our system
  • Can i change the dns ip address ( yes almost all systems allow this )

So if you are on a windows system using the vpn applications check the application settings for dns leak option and make sure it’s ticked, That’s it tick it and restart you’re system so when you have rebooted the new options have taken effect properly when you connect to you’re vpn service, to check please feel free to do a extended test HERE and then check to see if you see your ISP’s DNS in the dns list if you don’t EXCELLENT if you do keep reading this post to help correct it and prevent you’re system from leaking dns.

To protect yourself from dns leaks you need to change your dns on you’re system most MS ( microsoft ) system are protected from dns leaks using the vpn services application also using the vpn on android should allow this but if it doesn’t please keep reading.

Right when you setup you’re internet connection on you’re device use manual for dns and use either of the following below to hide your ISP’s dns from the outside world this is what dns leak option basically does in applications it forces the use of the vpn service dns or forces your dns to use a free public dns ( vpn service varies ), Below you will find a list of free dns’s to use to hide you’re ISP’s dns.



OpenDNS Home




freeDNS Surf freely. No DNS redirects. No Logging.


This is just a short list for you to test and choose from as i said above when setting up you’re wifi choose manual for dns and enter either of the above to test.

On you’re enigma2 device the dns is also known as NameServer you need to change and save the nameserver address to one of the above.

On enigma2 devices goto Menu > settings > Network > Nameserver and edit with the color buttons as shown bottom of your screen PLEASE add a second nameserver then edit and save, After doing this on enigma2 devices i HIGHLY RECOMMEND Restarting your device for the dns changes to take full effect you could just restart network but i highly recommend device reboot.

NOW you are thinking well if i have a vpn why do i need a vpn if i have to change my dns, GOOD QUESTION! well the vpn will encrypt your data being transferred but using your isp’s dns, you’re isp will still be seen in the outside world, applications from the vpn usually have a dns leak option in it’s settings to prevent you’re ISP’s dns being shown but depending on the vpn applications, so basically if you don’t protect yourself from dns leaks there is a chance your isp’s dns will be shown to the site and you’re ISP could see a request to that site thus showing you’re ISP what site you visit in theory some servers hosting a website use dns or IP to locate you, using this info you will protect yourself completely from the outside world from finding your ISP or your location this making you invisible to the outside worl apart from your dns and vpn ip in which case no one would be able to find your true location or even your details as the vpn will encrypt you’re data making it impossible to decrypt and use and the public DNS will stop ANY website scanning you’re ISP dns to use an alternate method to locate YOU!.

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This post/page may contain affiliate links and we may earn a commission ( At No Cost To You ) when you click and make a purchase using the affiliate links, This will help with costs and maybe buy some beers.


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Updated: March 14, 2017 — 8:25 pm