[How-To] – Install wookie wizard


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[How-To] – Install wookie wizard

Here is a great wizard for all you guys that want to install wookie build, different community builds, world addons, tools including speed tests, full system reset so you can start all over again and use the wookie to install another build or addons, wookie tools.

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How to install wookie

When installing wookie and using it to install anything best practice is to start from scratch, this means nothing installed a fresh start will make everything go smoothly without errors.

This guide is for kodi 17.0 and above.

We first need to enable addons from third party sources in security settings.

  • Start kodi

kodi settings

  • Select the little gear icon as highlighted above.

kodi system settings

  • Select System Settings as highlighted above.

kodi addons

  • Now Highlight add-ons on the left menu and Select Unknown Sources on the right menu as pictured above.

kodi yes

  • When prompted select yes to allow unknown sources in kodi.

Now that we have got this little option out of the way, press the back button to return to the main screen menu and lets continue with the guide to install wookie wizard on our system.

  • As pictured below select the gear icon as we did earier.

kodi settings

  • Now select file manager as highlighted in the below picture.

File Manager kodi

  • Now Select Add Source as pictured below.

Add Source kodi

  • Select as pictured below

kodi none

  • Add the source url EXACTLY: http://wookiespmc.com/wiz Now select OK

Name Source kodi

  • In the bottom box enter the name for the source in this case i named it Wookie as pictured below.

ok kodi

  • Now select OK as pictured above and press back to go back to the main screen menu.
  • Now from the left menu select Add-ons.

addons kodi

  • Now select at the top right the little dropbox like icon as pictured below.

repository kodi

  • Now select Install from zip file.

install from zip kodi

  • Now select Wookie as we named it when we added the source url.

wookie source kodi

  • Now as pictured below select Succum to the wookie.zip

wookie kodi

  • Now you should see the wookie addon installed AWESOME! now press back and you will see wookie addon in the list.

wookie kodi program

  • Now you are at the point to start wookie select the image to start the program WOOKIE WIZARD IS INSTALLED NOW WE ARE STARTING THE WIZARD.

wookie wizard program kodi

  • As you can see from thepicture below wookie wizard is now installed and running on our system, the below pictures show you a little of the options available in the wookie wizard, select install Wookie to install wookie build.

wookie build

  • As pictured below World Addons is selected and just above it the list of addons show select one and select the install button to install the selected addon.

World addons kodi

  • As you can see from the picture below we have selected the Community builds and the list above, highlight the build you want to install then select the install button AFTER selecting the build you are looking for.

Community builds kodi

  • And last but not least we have selected the tools button this is a great option to have as in this section we can clear cache, reset kodi back to default setup, test our internet speed, and delete packages.

wookie tools kodi

This post/page may contain affiliate links and we may earn a commission ( At No Cost To You ) when you click and make a purchase using the affiliate links, This will help with costs and maybe buy some beers.


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