[How-To] – Install acestreams on ANDROID


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Ok guys seems many are having issues with acestreams install, i am going to walk you through step by step this install is very simple to follow and install, this setup is going to be as easy as i can make it for everyone to follow including all links, make it as easy as possible also.

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  • Right let’s clear up a few ? being asked about acestreams
  • What are the advantages of acestreams over normal links
    • A) Acestreams relies on users to share the stream data ( basically acestreams are torrents ) just using a simular protocol
    • A) The more people on the stream the better, due to the users being the ones sharing the stream data between them, so the higher users on the streams the better
    • A) Normal links will only allow either a set amount of users “OR” a set amount of data transfers (network bandwidth) the lower the bandwidth connection the lower the amount of users can use the link without buffering
  • Why do i get buffering on normal links
    • A) This has nothing to do with kodi, or even settings in kodi
    • A) DO NOT CHANGE YOUR KODI SETTINGS, there is nothing you can do in kodi to stop it
    • A) The reason your getting buffering is because the set bandwidth is at it’s limit, either amount of users “OR” the amount of streaming data the server is connected too can handle
  • What is the best to choose from acestreams “OR” Normal links
    • A) This is the biggest question, and one of the HARDEST to answer
    • A) Depending on your legal side whether p2p is allowed in your country and is not throttled by you ISP supplier due to specific laws in your country
    • Using a vpn will help hide your activity from your ISP and anyone else wanting to look at what your doing
    • But using a vpn wont my isp see anything “YES” they will “BUT” Not what your doing your isp will only see encrypted data transferring between you and the internet
    • Can my isp see what apps i am using when i am behind a vpn “NO” they cannot as the vpn encrypts you connection and stops anyone seeing anything apart from encrypted data
    • VPN’s encrypt your data and in turn also stop your ISP throttling your connection, as they throttle p2p ports but being behind the vpn they don’t see what port your using either
  • What are advantages to using normal links
    • A) Simplicity is the only advantage really, ISP cannot block them as they change so often
    • A) ease of use as IPTV suppliers have control over how many users can watch them
    • A) yes people do try sharing paid service links, “THIS IS BAD”
  • Why is sharing paid iptv links
    • A) the paid service can only handle the amount of users they set, sharing them will cause a server stream overload
    • A) Overloading the server is very bad “WHY” the more users the worse the connection is, in turn “BUFFERING” and there is nothing you can do about it
  • What can be done about it ?
    • A) NOTHING inform your IPTV supplier tell them the streams are buffering constantly
    • What will this do, ? This will encourage them to check their servers on to “why”
    • When they check they will see the amount of users overload and they can actually kill the link and create a new one to bring the service back to a full “BUFFER FREE” stream

I hope the above info gives you a better idea on the if’s and buts about this and that.


Click here to download the new fix for plexus ( Modules resource link fixed PLEXUS FIX DOWNLOAD

The above fix is already a zip, once downloaded start kodi and install from zip file and once installed RUN PLEXUS. JOB DONE!! once you run plexus it will download the modules required for your device.

Right now that’s been explained a little let’s get started with the guide we are actually here to learn how to do.

Add my blog url to ES File Explorer

  • 1.) on android systems DOWNLOAD ES File Explorer ( available free in play store)
  • Open ES File Explorer and select +ADD in favourites option to the left and input Host: http://www.tech2guides.co.uk and Name: t2g then select save.

ES Add

  • Now scroll down favourites list and find t2g select it and ES File Explorer will load the Blogs page and find this post from the menu options, now follow from below.
  • Download the below acestream version required and no higher, V3.1.5 is the required version and do not go higher or acestreams in plexus will fail (it will give failed to load and count down to 0 and fail )
    • Here is the link to download Download Link V3.1.5
    • Once downloaded use ES File Explorer to open the zip and select the apk inside and install it
    • Once the apk is installed “OPEN” it and make sure its successful and running and look bottom center and make sure you see V 3.1.5 ” NO SIGN UP IS REQUIRED “
    • Now everything is install regarding acestreams press your home button on your remote ( DO NOT CLOSE ACESTREAMS APP )
    • Now Start Kodi and we need to install “Plexus” for kodi to understand what to do with acestream links
    • Now goto SYSTEM > File Manager
    • Select Add Source
    • Select Top Box < None > and Enter EXACTLY: http://fusion.tvaddons.ag And select ok
    • Now Select Bottom Box and ENTER NAME: .fusion Dont Forget the dot at the start of fusion and press ok then Done
    • Now select your home button on your screen and goto SYSTEM > Add-ons > Install from zip file
    • Now Select .Fusion
    • Select xbmc-repos
    • Select English
    • Now Look For repository.xbmchub.x-x-x.zip
    • Now that’s installed and enabled
    • Select install from repository
    • Select TVADDONS.ag Repository
    • Select Program Add-ons
    • Select Plexus and select Install, now wait for the plexus addon enabled notifications
    • That’s it plexus is now enable we need to open plexus to download our modules, hit the little house to go back to your kodi main menu
    • Select PROGRAMS
    • Select Plexus
    • Now click ok and it will download the required modules
    • Once it’s done downloading it will allow you in the addon and show you a few options YOUR DONE WITH PLEXUS exit back to your main menu
    • Now goto VIDEOS > Add-ons and select your addon with p2p/acestream links in it and play one
  • DONE you should now be enjoying ACESTREAMS in KODI
I hope this guide helped you out and got you up and running with acestreams, Don’t forget to share this guide on all social media using buttons below guys it would be appreciated.

This post/page may contain affiliate links and we may earn a commission ( At No Cost To You ) when you click and make a purchase using the affiliate links, This will help with costs and maybe buy some beers.


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