[How-To] – Customize S.A.L.T.S To Your Taste


Hi guys i am going to go through a few simple settings from within Stream All The Sources Also known as ( S.A.L.T.S ) Add-on, i will guide you through some simple settings to make your experience with S.A.L.T.S a lot better, A lot Faster, also with it’s looks to give more details on Listings, we will also learn how to disable sources that don’t work for us, so let’s get started and see what we have on a standard setup for S.A.L.T.S and see what we can do to make it work for us a little better, will include pictures to help you get the picture, Also you do not have to chose the options i chose in this guide.

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    • This Guide Is For Ideas and You Chose What Options You Want
    • This guide is to get you use to the basics for setting up S.A.L.T.S

  • What are we going to be doing:
    • installing S.A.L.T.S
    • Setting S.A.L.T.S Up To Our Own Taste
    • Keeping Our Settings, So We Don’t Have To Do It Every Time we go into S.A.L.T.S
    • Enjoy Using S.A.L.T.S As We Want It

Ok so now that what we are going to cover is out of the way, we can now get started, with what we have listed above, so below i am going to link the stream all the sources install tutorial, If you have Stream All The Sources installed then you can skip the tutorial and go straight to the next step, If not PLEASE GO TO THE TUTORIAL and install stream all the sources before trying to follow this setup tutorial.


Now that we have Stream All The Sources Installed

  • Now we have it install we need to go to the add-on settings and make a few simple changes to make the experience a little simpler
  • These are a few settings to increase the experience play more with other settings and test yourself to increase usability
    • Select VIDEO > Add-ons
    • Highlight the add-on, PRESS either ( remote menu key ) C key on a keyboard ( Also works with android ).
    • Select Add-on Settings OR Select the add-on > Settings > Add-on Settings


  • Add-on Settings from inside the add-on


  • Now Highlight TOP TABS and using directional pad or arrow keys press RIGHT until you get to Source Management
  • Highlight Source Selection Method Change to Dialog to Directory


  • Now go back up to TABS move RIGHT to Source Sorting
  • Select Sort Sources so it lights up


  • ONLY CHANGE 1st Sort Key the top one to QUALITY


  • Now Scroll Down to the ok button and select it.
  • BELOW if you have any sources that don’t work for you you can always DISABLE IT very EASILY
  • Select Settings from inside the add-on.


  • Select Scraper Sort Order


  • Click “or Select Whichever scraper don’t work for you it will turn red when Disabled and white when Enabled as pictured below.


Now let’s look through the slight changes we have made and why ?.

  • We Changed Dialog to Directory because if a link doesn’t work in Dialog the list has to be re-generated, in Directory the list is listed until you leave the list, ( making dead links easier to deal with ).
  • Sort Sources When this is Enabled and set to Quality the highest quality link found will be listed at the TOP, IE, 1080, 720, SD, high, medium, low.

These few changes in the add-on settings will make such a difference that this will become default for you to do yourself if you ever start fresh again, they are such minimal changes but effective for you to start with.

I hope this minimal change has helped you get results faster and make you simple experience a little better than it was, try out other settings and see what happens BE CAREFUL ENABLING AND DISABLING SOURCES AS SOME ONLY DO MOVIES, BUT SOME DO MOVIES AND TV SHOWS.

I Will be adding more as i go on with this guide, Keep Checking back for updates

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Updated: September 1, 2016 — 2:34 pm