[How-To] Basic Setup MT300 and AR300 Mini Routers with VPN


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Hi guys this little router has so many feature THIS ROUTER IS FULL OF FEATURES AND IT CAN DO SO MANY THINGS but this guide is only focusing on a basic setup and how to setup your vpn on it, the GL-inet team have worked hard to make the setup process as simple as possible for the user, with minimal clicks you can have your new MT300 router setup in a matter of minutes for the none tech users and seconds for the advanced tech users, even the none tech users after you have looked around the router web interface you can have this setup done in seconds it is very easy to do after a few times of playing around with it.

There are many different versions of this router the 2 top ones are the MT300A and the AR300M there is a AR300N also, Now each one of these versions have different specs, the one i have is the MT300A which has 128mb RAM, 16mb nor flash which is 16mb NAND ( firmware storage ), the AR300M has 128MB RAM, 16mb nor flash, 128mb NAND ( Firmware storage ), i will add picture below with specs also.


As you can see in the specs there are a few different versions the MT300A that i have is only the 580Mhz CPU the AR300M and AR300M(D) has the 650mhz now when it comes to it the more cpu power you have the better as you find with everything else tech, now to clear things up a little as many users think i have a router with vpn connection but the connection is SLOW,

Why do i have a slow vpn connection there are many reasons and i am going to give you just a few that can cause it.

  • VPN PROVIDER many companies out there provide vpn services a good service will give the best connections ( DO NOT EXPECT if you have 100mb ISP you will NOT get 100mb VPN connection ) specs below effect connections to vpn and speed.
  • CPU (has a part) the faster the CPU the better
  • ISP CONNECTION the higher default isp connection does help
  • NETWORK CONNECTION 100MB is default network for many routers gigabit will be better.
  • Firmware used many companies release different firmwares and have different performance issues

Now the above is just few things to take into account when you have a vpn and what speed you will get from a router.

So just to clarify a little on the MT300 router, what can i expect to get from my MT300.

What i get from the MT300A

The MT300A has a 100mb network connection by cable, a 580mhz CPU, 128MB RAM, 16MB NAND so the fastest i could get using a VPN is around 13MB due to limitations on the device hence CPU speed, i have seen speeds into 20mb when doing speed tests but they are not 100% speed tests are estimates and are only there to give you an idea after saying this 10-13mb has been solid testing on the device this i see all the time and the device is estimated to be 13mb using a VPN service.

Now the AR300M and AR300M(D) have the faster CPU hence you will gain Speed increases up to 17MB using a VPN service, so what is the difference RIGHT! the MT300A has a 580mhz CPU and is designed to give up 13MB the AR300M has 650mhz CPU and is designed to give up to 17MB connection, see what i mean by router cpu speed is actually important when it comes to VPN service speeds the faster the CPU the better the router can process connection speed, don’t get me wrong the firmware plays a big part also the AR range uses the Openwrt firmware which is customized to the routers specs and also they have customized the user web interface to be as easy as possible for the end user.

Now after these little specs and what helps and what don’t let’s get started with the guide on how to setup the router.

What you will need

  • a network cable from your isp router to the WAN port on the MT300 router the MT300 router has 2 network connection 1 is WAN ( Wired Access Network ) and 1 network connection to a device you wish to have on the same network as the VPN router.
  • a available usb power source for the usb power cable to the MT300 router ( mobile phone charger, a usb port from your laptop, basically any USB port will power the router.
  • A Laptop to connect to the router using wifi/network.
  • configs.zip file from your VPN service to upload to the router to setup VPN on the router.

So let’s gert started

  • Connect a network cable from your ISP router to the WAN socket on the VPN router.
  • Connect the usb power cable to the VPN router then plug into a usb port for power
  • After Connecting the power a few lights will light up as your VPN router boots up
  • Now wait a few minutes ( check you wifi when it’s booted you will see your VPN routers wifi sharing usually GL-MT300-blabla this is the VPN routers wifi.
  • Select your routers wifi and connect ( default password is “goodlife” minus the “”.
  • Once connected open your web browser and in the address bar enter hit enter.

Now you should see the below picture to setup you’re vpn router.


  • Select your language for this guide i selected English
  • Now Select your timezone and Select NEXT ( as pictured below )


  • Now you need to set a password for you router ( YOU WILL NEED TO REMEMBER THIS AT ALL TIMES) this password is for your device and is used on many things, to login to the web interface, ssh, advanced settings, sftp, all to your router so make the password something you will remember, repeat the password in the second box then select finish when you have entered the password EXACTLY THE SAME in both boxes ( as pictured below ).


OK now that’s the router setup complete we need to do a few extra things to make sure our router is bang up to date with firmware update, ( you thinking do i have to update ) YES but don’t worry this is were the web interface comes in hand as it’s very simple to do using the web interface as pictured below once you clicked on finish it will take you into the web interface for your vpn router.

  • Look bottom left where it says firmware the latest is 2.25 if yours say below this there should be a NEW to the right of your firmware so click it and you will see the below picture.

firmware update

Notice the NEW orange button when you select it click on Download This Version button after a few seconds you should see the extra options as highlighted in red boxes in the above picture UNTICK Keep Settings, then select Upgrade.

Once you select upgrade another popup should show up with a progress bar DO NOT REMOVE POWER OR LEAVE THE PAGE.



Once it has done it should load and start you of at step 1 again, Select language again, then select timezone, then enter your password 2 times EXACTLY THE SAME as you did earlier, ( why am i doing this again ) because when we upgraded the firmware we unticked the Keep Settings ( WE NEED TO DO THIS TO GET A FRESH FIRMWARE SETUP ) as some configs might mess up the latest firmware and cause us issues this way we have a clean setup with the latest firmware and nothing to cause any issues.

Now once you have done the 3 steps to setup your router again on the latest firmware ( you should see as pictured below )

Firmware updated

Now as you can see our firmware is now on the latest update and the Orange NEW button has gone GREAT stuff.

Now we are going to change the wifi to something only we want and the wifi password to something only we know.

  • Click on wireless settings you will get a popup window ( as pictured below ).

wireless settings

  • Change SSID to something you will remember.
  • Change password to something you will remember.
  • Once you have done the above click on submit for changes to be applied and take effect.
  • Now after clicking submit you may lose your wifi connection to your vpn router don’t panic look in your available connections and find the wifi you changed the SSID to and connect when asked enter the password you changed it to before clicking the submit button, BOOM!! there you go only you know the password so less chance of sharing your vpn connection with anyone else now.

Now that we have setup the router for basic use and only you know the details to it, this in turn makes your vpn secure for you to use.

Now go back to our web interface in your web browser either refresh if you still have the page open or enter and hit enter.

Now it might ask for your password to login This password is the password you entered twice when you setup the router then clicked finish

Now you are logged in and back at the vpn router web interface at the top right you will see OpenVPN button click it, as pictured below


Now you must have your vpn config.zip file from your vpn service provider

PIA PrivateInternetAccess config.zip Click to Download

IPVANISH config.zip Click to Download

GREAT!! you now have your config.zip file click on the large box where it says Click here to select files or drag and drop the config.zip file in the box in your browser and leave it alone for a minute a popup will show asking for a username and password as pictured below.


Asking for username and password


Now after a minute or so depending how many .ovpns are in the config.zip can take a few seconds, a popup will show asking for Username and Password enter these and click on Submit leave it a while for it to apply settings.

Once it has done it will take you back to the OpenVPN as pictured below.


Now as you will see in the picture Click the down arrow in Config File ans you will see the list of areas you will have a vpn to connect to.


Now TICK Enabled, and FORCE VPN, The force VPN will disconnect any device using the vpn from the internet if the VPN connection drops ( disconnects ) which is what you want if you are streaming and your vpn connection drops you don’t want the connection to continue through your true isp connection as this is what we want to avoid, also if the vpn connection drops the encrypted connection and shows the world your back online from your true location.

vpn selected

Once all boxes are ticked and selected your vpn location select Apply once you click apply you will see some text at the bottom showing you the log on connecting if you have done everything right once it has finished logging it should say connected and show you a server ip address.

Finally DONE your router is now setup and connected to a VPN and ready to connect your device for streaming, goto your device connect to the vpn router wifi connection and your done ready to stream, i have been streaming 1080 links without any issues at all No buffering or anything i have been using it for a few weeks now with no issues at all.


Also guys if you are looking for a great vpn service check out below ipvanish, i hope this guide helped you out and got you sorted.

This post/page may contain affiliate links and we may earn a commission ( At No Cost To You ) when you click and make a purchase using the affiliate links, This will help with costs and maybe buy some beers.


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