E2Istream Fix Cache Errors



If you haven’t Initialized a USB/HDD follow my guide Initialize usb/hdd then follow the guide below.

Ok this is a great plugin for E2 devices and very easy to install, To install this plugin on your E2 device checkout this Install E2Istream Guide this will help you get the E2Istream plugin installed ALSO this plugin has teamed up with codermik and now includes TS Iplayer.

So here we go let’s fix the issues some people are having with setting up E2Istream so it can use a hdd or usb device as temp local storage for streaming.

How to change E2Istream Folder For Cache Data:

  • Start E2Istream
  • Now at the menu options scroll down until you find Configurations and press ok on your remote.
E2Istream Configuration
  • Now you are in the Configuration options press down on your remote until you get to Folder for cache data as pictured below.
  • Now you have highlighted the option we are going to change on your remote press ok and a new window will open with Dir selections.
  • The top double dots .. when highlighted and you press ok they will take you back a folder ( depending on what image you are using the exit button will also do this ). highlight a folder and pressing ok on your remote will take you inside the folder you selected.

Now we need to select media as pictured below, If you don’t see media listed like below you might need to go back a few folders Normally as pictured below you can see the bin folder now if you are not in the root of your devices file system instead of bin folder at the top there will be 2 dots .. highlight and press ok on that to go back a folder until you see the bin folder at the top.

  • Now select the media folder and press ok on your remote and you should see a usb folder
  • Now Select the usb folder and press ok on your remote.
  • As you can see i already have the iptvcache folder there but don’t worry as all you have to do now is press the blue button on your remote and name a give the new folder a name ( NAME IT iptvcache ) then press the green button to save it.
  • Now you have created the folder highlight it and press ok on your remote to go in to it.
  • Now you are in the iptvcache folder press the green button again on your remote to save the location in E2Istream configuration.

That is it your cache folder location is now saved and E2Istream will use that location to cache all needed files.


I hope this guide helped you and you have a great time learning new features of your device.

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Updated: June 19, 2019 — 4:44 pm