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MOBDRO V2.0.56 APK & ZIP 17/11/17

ADDED Kodi 17.5.1 APK & ZIP

UPDATED 16/10/17

UPDATED Terrarium TV V1.8.3 APK & ZIP 16/11/17

UPDATED BobbyMovie V2.1.0 APK & ZIP 24/9/17

UPDATED TeaTV V3.0r APK & ZIP 24/9/17

Version 1.8.1 (Oct 16,2017)

Added aspect ration adjustment for built-in video player (ExoPlayer)
Added volume adjustment feature in ExoPlayer on Android TV devices
Added Real-Debrid provider : AllRelease
Added provider : MovieOcean
Added provider : PLocker9
Added provider : PLockerSK
Added provider : Pubfilm
Added provider : Vivo
Added URLs resolver : KingVid
Added URLs resolver : MyCloud
Added URLs resolver : UniUp
Fixed existing TV shows providers
Fixed existing movies providers
Reduced loading time for TV shows Trending section
Fixed ads not being removed for paid users
Fixed bugs of built-in video player (ExoPlayer)
Fixed Chromecast controller being in landscape orientation
Fixed trailers on Fire TV
Fixed bugs on Android TV and Fire TV devices
Fixed bugs and crashes
Improved performance
Improved UI
Updated translations

Terrerium TV Updated to V1.8.0 24/9/17

Terrarium TV 1.8.0 is available now! A built-in video player is added in this version. There will be no more "No sound" issue. Also, many providers have been fixed so there will be more HD links. Please update to the latest version to enjoy the best experience!

Terrerium TV Updated to V1.7.2 23/7/17
Terrarium tv NOW SUPPORTS Real-Debrid (an unrestricted multihoster) support is added in this version. With Real-Debrid, you'll be able to get more video links having 1080p and Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 channel.


ES File manager is a great application to download links from websites.

Here is a post for all you guys out there that are struggling to find something to keep you entertained or even struggling to find working downloads for you're favorite apk's also most done in zips for those that struggle to download apk's, NO FILES ARE HOSTED HERE THEY ARE LINKS I HAVE FOUND AVAILABLE TO ALL FREE OVER THE INTERNET.

So what i am going to do is add categories, links, date them so you can see what has been updated and what hasn't so you can stay up-to-date with all apk's that i find while browsing the internet if i find new links/apks i will add them to this post.



Below is spmc which is a fork of kodi everything is exactly the same but is mainly focused on specific devices.

Important Notice: There no more Rockchip specific support as of this version

Here is a section for all other applications available for devices tha want applications other than kodi or spmc below is a list of android applications and a few have ios versions also.

MOBDRO V2.0.56 17/11/17 * **MOBDRO APK <--- Click Download ( Live TV from around the world 24/7 streams )
* MOBDRO ZIP <--- Click Download ( Live TV from around the world 24/7 stream )

  • Megabox HD V1.0.2 APK <--- Click Download ( Movies & Tv Shows up to 1080p MX Player required )
  • Megabox HD V1.0.2 ZIP <--- Click Download ( Movies & Tv Shows up to 1080p MX Player required )

    • Fire Tv Application
  • Mousetoggle APK <--- Click Download ( mouse cursor function on firetv sticks )

  • Mousetoggle ZIP <--- Click Download ( mouse cursor function on firetv sticks )

As i find or come across more i will add more and more to the list to help you guys keep up to date and get you the latest releases of new and old applications.

As a kodi user i would highly recommend getting a vpn secure you're browsing, secure your connection, protect your activity, stop hackers getting your details and so much more.

ALL information on this site is for educational purposes only, I am not involved with dev team in any way. You as the user are responsible for checking if you can use this add-on, apk, application, software in your country. ALL INFORMATION ON THIS SITE IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY

This site is an unofficial fan site with no association with kodi team, xbmc foundation or their forums, PLEASE DO NOT take any issues with addons to them or their forums you won't get any help at all.

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