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Free and Public DNS Servers

Here is a Useful Video on what a dns is! DNS servers are used by your isp’s and this is a little indication to sites on where you are looking from and what isp you are using in short terms. Below you will find a grid with a list of known free public dns servers. […]

Using OpenVPN in GL routers

Using OpenVPN in GLi routers OpenVPN client is pre-installed in GLI mini routers GL-AR150, GL-AR300M, GL-MT300N, GL-MT300A from firmware v2.19. Download the firmware for each devices: The newest firmware maybe put in testing folder: Go to OpenVPN page Click the OpenVPN icon on the toolbar. It will ask you to upload ovpn files. […]

[ How-To ] – Setup vpn on Enigma2 [OPENATV]

UPDATED INFO ADDED TO BOTTOM OF THE GUIDE FOR FAILED/STOPPING VPN AFTER STARTING Hi welcome to my guide on how to install and setup “openvpn plugin” on enigma2 this guide i hope i can do it to make it as simple as possible to follow for everyone to follow, THIS GUIDE IS BASED ON OPENATV […]

[How-To] – Custom DNS AR300 and MT300 Mini Routers

!! UPDATED 30/04/2017 !! Hi guys many will wonder how to add custom dns like googles open dns or many other custom dns out there available for all to use this is very simple to do in the AR300 and MT300 mini routers so let’s get started on the guide and let’s get you up […]

[How-To] – Setup Middle LED for OpenVPN Activity

Here is a Mini Router that is loaded with options and custom configurations this router runs Openwrt with LuCi. In this guide i am going to show you how to enable the center activity LED and use it to show OpenVPN activity, the led will when your router is connected to a vpn activity IE […]

[How-To] Basic Setup MT300 and AR300 Mini Routers with VPN

Hi guys this little router has so many feature THIS ROUTER IS FULL OF FEATURES AND IT CAN DO SO MANY THINGS but this guide is only focusing on a basic setup and how to setup your vpn on it, the GL-inet team have worked hard to make the setup process as simple as possible […]

Why use a vpn ?

!!!! PLEASE READ THE FULL POST MORE INFO!!!!! !!! THIS POST IS BEING UPDATED DAILY !!! NEW UPDATE 30/3/17 THIS INFO IS FOR U.S.A USERS New FCC Regulations and Increased ISP Tracking March 2017 Less than 24 hours ago, U.S Congress repealed rules that protect consumer privacy. By rolling back these regulations, Internet Service Providers […]


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