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Using OpenVPN in GL routers

Using OpenVPN in GLi routers OpenVPN client is pre-installed in GLI mini routers GL-AR150, GL-AR300M, GL-MT300N, GL-MT300A from firmware v2.19. Download the firmware for each devices: The newest firmware maybe put in testing folder: Go to OpenVPN page Click the OpenVPN icon on the toolbar. It will ask you to upload ovpn files. […]

[How-To] Basic Setup MT300 and AR300 Mini Routers with VPN

Hi guys this little router has so many feature THIS ROUTER IS FULL OF FEATURES AND IT CAN DO SO MANY THINGS but this guide is only focusing on a basic setup and how to setup your vpn on it, the GL-inet team have worked hard to make the setup process as simple as possible […]

[How-To] – Prevent DNS LEAKS using a VPN

Hi guys a lot of people are using a vpn and using the preventing dns leaks in the app on windows this is great as if you’re dns leaks then although you are behind a vpn some people like hackers and isp’s will still be able to see what you are doing ( to a […]

[How-To] – Disable websafe feature on virgin media

Hi guys here is a little guide on how to disable or enable your websafe feature that can be enabled on your account by default as a safe guard to help protect your browsing for you and your family from unwanted content showing up for you and your family, the issue is that this can […]


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