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E2Istream Fix Cache Errors

THIS GUIDE ASSUMES YOU HAVE ALREADY INITIALIZED A USB OR HDD ON YOUR E2 DEVICE If you haven’t Initialized a USB/HDD follow my guide Initialize usb/hdd then follow the guide below. Ok this is a great plugin for E2 devices and very easy to install, To install this plugin on your E2 device checkout this […]

How-To Initialize a usb-hdd on Enigma

Here we have a simple guide on how to initialize a usb/hdd storage device on enigma devices this guide will show you how to do this on openpli 7.1 RC this method may differ from image to image ( each image has a different menu structure ) so let’s get started. WARNING DO NOT USE […]

How To Install E2Istream

E2Istream is a continuation of the plugin E2Iplayer for E2 devices, the original developer for E2Iplayer plugin has stopped development of the plugin so a few other developers have taken over the development of the plugin and have also renamed the plugin to E2Istream from E2Iplayer. Original E2Iplayer Dev is SamSamSam ( he has stopped […]

Enigma2 – Boot Loop After Skin Change


  Hi guys, Over the last few days i have had a few requests on how to fix Enigma2 devices being stuck on a ( boot loop ) IE, GUI start failing so look like it’s in a boot loop, this is either due to the new skin selection not being able to find a […]

!! REVIEW !! – Mutant HD51 4K ( FHD )

To purchase: Excellent box really shocked on how well it performs, stability, kodi now downloadable from the plugins menu using OpenATV 6.0 image. The Mut@nt HD51 4K-HEVC has a Powerfull ARM dual core 1500Mhz CPU with 4GB EMMC Flash Specifications Betreibssystem: Linux OS E2 CPU: BCM 7251sDMIPS CPU: 10500 DMIPS processor SoC: 28nm overclocking […]

[How-To] – Prevent DNS LEAKS using a VPN

Hi guys a lot of people are using a vpn and using the preventing dns leaks in the app on windows this is great as if you’re dns leaks then although you are behind a vpn some people like hackers and isp’s will still be able to see what you are doing ( to a […]


SITE DISCLAIMER This site is in no way associated with Kodi,, kodi forums. This site is a fan site that shares freely available found info about 3rd party add-ons and tech info. This site does NOT create any add-ons. Due to some content, this site is not responsible for the content you add, stream, […]