Hi guys i have had a few questions on how to remove links from sources using S.A.L.T.S ( stream all the Sources ) kodi add-on so in this guide i am going to show you how to do it manually and very easily, it is all done by the add-on after you tell it to do it, all you have to do is manually put in what link url's you don't want showing up in your list for say movies or tv shows.

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Below is the very simple guide on how to do the above.

  • Go into stream all the sources add-on select Settings


  • Select Add-on Settings


  • In the tabs at the top go right to source management


  • Scroll down the list to Source Exclusion List, as pictured above.


As pictured you need to enter a link url, if you wish to ignore openload links you will need to enter as in the picture each link you wish to ignore separated by a comma "," minus the " so lets say you want to ignore openload now there are a few different ones IE, openload.co and openload.io so to ignore in the list we would add openload.co,openload.io, notice the comma at the end of each link this is required.

once you have added you're list select the ok button. Now go to either movies or tv shows select a movie or episode to search for links and you should now be ignoring all links you added to the exclusion list.


I hope this guide helps you guys out and you find it usefull, thanks for checking out this guide please don't forget to check out all of my other guides.

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